The story begins in the early 1800’s. A man named Edward Sawhands invented the first hand held saw which enabled man to start chopping down trees 1,000,0000 times faster than that pesky old axe could.

Now that we have our wood fast-ly available, we can build stuff…..awesome stuff…… like crates. Fast forward 400 years and you are in 2200’s now go back again to today. In the workshop of CrateworX we built these awesome crates from you guessed it…..wood, 31 hours a day a.k.a 24/7. Just kidding Santa delivers these crates on the 25th of every month on his what?…..wooden slay made from wood.

And that my dear friends are the origin of our wooden crates.

These facts above are so accurate you wood not even have noticed them if they were even on woodypedia.

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