Crateworx’s purpose is to provide a unique and differentiated approach to traditional gifts for men and gifts for women. Adding a personalized touch to your gift makes it unique for each recipient. We have a large selection of gifts to be personalized and for you to choose from and if you don’t find the one you like just ask, we will make it happen.


Personalized Gifts make a difference!

When something is personal it’s forever. Making a gift personal means even more. It will create memories and memorable moments that will last a lifetime. A personalized gift simply has more meaning as we get attached to the happy moments.


This one is definitely for the chilli connoisseur.


Nothing like a caffeine boost to get you going.


One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!

What Our Clients Say About Our Gifts For Men

Quality service & on-time delivery.

Johan Grobbelaar, Customer

I think its a beautiful company that has put on some thought into gifting the most important species on earth.

Lehlogonolo Gunene, Sweet Delights Events and Catering

Absolutely love the effort, quick and helpful service

Yovanca Labuschagne, Customer

Exceptional service!!! These guys are utterly professional with a touch of clever wit and word choices which makes the experience even more enjoyable. Will definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Hendrik & Samma Van Rooyen, Pharmacist

Thrilled with the professionalism and creativity of this company! Great gift idea for the person in your life who needs a ‘challenge’.

June Marie Tully, June Luna Immigration Advisors


CrateworX provides an experience like no other when opening a gift. Get cool gifts for men they will really appreciate.

No wrapping paper or gift bags necessary.


Purchase one of our themed crates and you will receive a sturdy, handcrafted wooden crate that is stuffed full of cool things. Before delivery the crate is sealed shut and to break into the crate we provide a mini stainless steel crowbar.


Purchase an empty crate and fill it and seal it yourself. Whatever you choose we absolutely guarantee that anyone receiving one of our crates will be the center of attention. Any man will love breaking into his gift.

Instructions not included –
Men don’t need instructions.

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