We like cool gifts – fun things!

It was time for the obligatory father’s day receiving of the gifts, you know the ones! Socks, underpants, deodorant, and handcrafted art from Pre School, and as usual all in a retail shop decorated bag. We hate those things! There is no fun, no anticipation of what may hide inside. You open it…… that’s it, you open it and it’s done. It was after one of these experiences that we decided to do something about it and started to gather some top secret information that we will share with you, some of it absolutely completely useless mind-blowing science facts, like did you know that snakes are in fact completely useless at thumb wrestling? Do not bet on them to win that match!


What do guys want when opening a gift? / What do they want to see inside?

It’s that simple and the answers might surprise you. After questioning at least half the guy population at the local pub, we had our answers.

Local Pub Population 100%
Guy Population 100%
Guy Population Questioned 50%
Happiness factor when opening a gift bag. 5%
Happiness factor when opening a paper wrapped gift. 20%
Happiness factor when opening a CrateworX gift. 90%

What do MEN want when opening a gift?

Men Gift

We want to be challenged!

We like cool gifts. Opening a gift is where most of the fun is; at least 6/8th. We don’t want to just open a bag that has been repurposed from juniors last birthday.

The experience of opening a gift must last as long as possible and must be cool and exciting to open.

What do you want to see inside?

Cool things. Things we want to get. Things for us. More than just a pair of socks. Let’s have a few cool gifts that we can check out.

And so CrateworX was born. Providing handcrafted Wooden Crates, Tins and Palette Art stocked high with cool and awesome things. With a CrateworX crate opening your crate is 7/8th the fun. And once you have got into your crate using the mini crowbar provided, you will find a crate stocked with cool things. Stuff like knives and mutitools, Bluetooth speakers and chocolate. Whatever it is we guarantee that you will have a gift to remember and the topic of you opening your gift will be spoken about over and over, until you get your next one of course. Want your friends to be jealous of your gift whilst they open their gift bags? Get a CrateworX gift.

We have a number of gifting options available for you to sculpt your perfect experience.


  • Chose one of our themed crates that are built around a specific theme.
  • Buy an empty crate and do it yourself. We will ship you an empty crate that you can seal once you have packed it.
  • Want a little extra fun? Select the Diabolical Duct Tape option and we will wrap your crate in an impossible sticky layer of tape. Once you have untangled yourself from the tape, you will still have to get through the handcrafted crate to your awesome gifts inside.
  • Also perfect for:
    • Corporate inductions
    • Golf days
    • Groomsman
    • Any event really that you want an experience in opening gifts.
Big Beer Crate Gifts for Men

So the low down on your CrateworX crate.

Each crate is handcrafted in the CrateworX Garage which ensures that each crate is always a little different.

Our crates are large enough to fit a 750ml bottle of wine and each crate is shipped with a mini stainless crowbar for you to break into your crate, and of course look out for some extra little gifts that we throw in for FREE!

Our crates are the gifts that keep on giving. Once you have broken into your crate and the excitement has died down, re-purpose your crate into a toolbox, toy box, and mini veggie gardens and if you are inclined, they make awesome fire starters. And then there is the mini crowbar that can be used as a key ring, meaning that you will always have an emergency crowbar on hand for those occasions that you will need a mini crowbar. Sorry…. we can’t think of emergencies that you might need a mini crowbar, but let us know…

Please don’t ask for opening instructions. THERE ARE NONE!

So the challenge is on, we want to see the most creative way you have had to use to get into your CrateworX Crate.


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