Too much of anything is a bad thing, but too much good Whiskey is barely enough – Mark Twain.

Here at CrateworX we have loaded your crate with a host of the Whiskey essentials and a little extra to savour the finer things in life. Choose between four excellent brands that you will find nestled in your CrateworX crate.

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1 x 750ml bottle of premium whiskey. Choose between Jack Daniels / Jonnie Walker Red of Jim Beam Tennessee Bourbon or a 375ml Jonnie Walker BLACK

2 x Whiskey glass: There is only 1 way to experience whiskey and that always requires the right hardware.

1 x Hip flask: 120ml stainless steel hip flask. Take your choice of refreshment with you.

1 x ICE BALL MOULD: Make perfect ice balls that are slow melting and quick to chill your whiskey.



1 x 110g African Savannah pate

1 x Bruchette Maretti: 70g of awesomeness. Bite size baked brochette, for the finer things in life.

1 x Money clip: Stainless steel money clip. Much better than a wallet.



Delivered in a hand crafted wooden crated that is that gift that keeps on giving. Unlike bows, ribbons, wrapping of those weird bags, your CrateworX crate can be repurposed. From toolboxes to veggie gardens, we would love to see what your crate gets up to once open.

Along with your crate, because we believe that receiving just 1 gift is not cool, we like to throw a few extra little surprises into each crate.

1 x Mini Crow bar. To break into your CrateworX crate and afterwards you have an awesome key ring.

1 x Wallet Ninja. No good Ninja worth his salt would ever go on a mission without his Wallet Ninja (Insert Ninja sound here)

1 x Lite Optic ‘S’ bend Carabineer. You never know when you will need to scale up a mountain.


Some things to impress your friends!

  • Distillation process, the key segment of whisky production was invented around four thousand years ago in the ancient civilizations of Babylon and Mesopotamia.
  • First modern record of whisky comes from 1494 Scotland, with the letter that described acquisition of raw material needed for the production of over 1500 whisky bottles. Apparently by then, whisky was already widespread.
  • Whisky has two legitimate spellings. “Whisky” is used in Scotland and Canada, and “whiskey” is used by Irish and Americans.
  • There are over 5000 types of Single Malt Whisky.
  • Whisky was given its name from the Gaelic beverage “uiscebeatha”, which translates to “water of life”.
  • Moderate use of whisky can bring many benefits to the human metabolism. It can prevent stroke, dementia, heart attack, clotted arteries, increase good cholesterol and fight against cancer cells.
  • Whisky production represents second largest “money-making” industry in Scotland.
  • Scottish whisky is distilled twice, Irish whisky thrice.
  • Whisky can age only in wooden casks. In glass bottles it can survive for 100 years, but it will not change its flavour.
  • Opened bottle of whisky can remain good for five years.
  • Colour of the whisky comes from oak casks (also around 60% of its flavour), and from small amount of caramel colouring.
  • Every year 2-4% of all whisky in the world stored in a wooden barrels evaporate into air. That doesn’t happen with sealed glass bottles.

To this day Irish and Scots have disputes about who was first to make whisky.

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions30 × 23 × 18 cm

Jack Daniels, Jonnie Walker Red, Jim Beam Tennessee Bourbon, 375ml Jonnie Black


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