This is a crate add on. Please select it at checkout for an additional R60.

Feeling even more devious? Want to frustrate your victim even more? Then select the CrateworX Diabolical Duct Tape Wrap for an extra R60.00 and we will wrap your crate in a layer of genuine Duct Tape. Sorry, we don’t have any wrapping paper in our garage.

We also don’t hold ourselves responsible if your crate arrives covered in pink heart tape or a very manly leopard print. Depends on how we feel on the day…What we do know is that by having your crate wrapped will prolong the fun of getting into the crate no end.

Please warn your victim should there be glass in the crate. We don’t want valuable Tequila leaking out now do we?

We do definitely want to see some videos of your victim opening their crate!