My boss yelled at me yesterday ‘It’s the fifth time you’ve been late to work this week! Do you know what that means!?’ I said, ‘Probably that it’s Friday?’

It’s the weekeeeend baby! Certainly is our favourite day. And to get you going we have put some things together so that you can go do some manly stuff. Top quality multi tools, knives and of course everybody needs a good headlamp to spot those things in the dark. This one is packed to the brim.

  • Customize Your Crate

    Customize your crate by having your own custom text printed onto the crate

    Custom Text On Crate

    Add the text here that you would like to have printed onto the crate.
    Optional, additional cost of R85 for custom text onto the crate



1 x Para Bracelet:  Tactical 550 Paracord Parachute Cord Military Survival Bracelet. For those times when you are doing the Bear Grylls thing in the backyard and you need some cord to string the kid’s tent. Never leave home without it.

1 x Ultra Tec Head Lamp: Need to see what’s happening on the braai? This is for you!

1 x Ultra Tec Multitool: 13 function multitool in a waterproof carrier. Let’s be honest, you need this!

1 x Enlan Knife: 15.5cm when fully open, with a 6.5cm super sharp blade. You never know when you need to cut stuff.

1 x Hip flask: 120ml stainless steel hip flask. Take your choice of refreshment with you.

1 x Camo cap. We all need a good cap.


The Munchies and other Stuff

1 x Zang Green Chocolate: ZANG! Espresso and Chocolate mixed together. Why didn’t we think of this? All served in a 34g bar of deliciousness. NOT for those with weak hearts, caffeine sensitivity or if you are pregnant.

1 x Lindor Lindt. 3 Lindt chocolate balls. NOT for sharing.

1 x Red Bull: Red Bull gives you wings in this 250ml can of energy.

1 x Key4Health 100g cashew nuts.



Delivered in a hand crafted wooden crated that is that gift that keeps on giving. Unlike bows, ribbons, wrapping of those weird bags, your CrateworX crate can be repurposed. From toolboxes to veggie gardens, we would love to see what your crate gets up to once open.

Along with your crate, because we believe that receiving just 1 gift is not cool, we like to throw a few extra little surprises into each crate.

1 x Mini Crow bar. To break into your CrateworX crate and afterwards you have an awesome key ring.

1 x Wallet Ninja. No good Ninja worth his salt would ever go on a mission without his Wallet Ninja (Insert Ninja sound here)

1 x Lite Optic ‘S’ bend Carabineer. You never know when you will need to scale up a mountain.


Some cool things to know in order to look like you know what you are talking about:

  • Ticks must be connected to their hosts for at least a day and a half–36 hours–to pass Lyme disease.
  • In 2009 alone, there were more than 30,000 reported cases of Lyme disease.
  • A mouse can squeeze through an incredibly small space thanks to its soft skull. Zip up your tent at night–if there are holes bigger than a ballpoint pen, a mouse can get in.You can tell the temperature by listening to a cricket chirping. Count the number of chirps in 14 seconds and add 40 for the temperature in Fahrenheit.


  • The Sentence: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter in the alphabet. Completely pointless but you are checking?
  • The words RACECAR and KAYAK are the same whether you read them left to right or right to left. You checking again aren’t you?

And lastly some interesting facts about snakes from “DAVE”

QUESTION: What the bloody hell is a snake?

  • The Latin word for a snake is “Serpentes” which literally means “violent hose”
  • If you are ever attacked by a snake, the only way to defeat it is to blow it like a balloon.
  • Snakes can live a very long time, if they don’t die.
  • Nobody has been brave enough to find out if snakes are ticklish.
  • Snakes are absolutely useless at thumb wrestling.

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions30 × 23 × 18 cm


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