We say don’t trust that Tequila, EVER! Although there are many listed benefits to be gained from good Tequila. Benefits include but not limited to:

  • Cures sadness and Relaxes your socks
  • Increases courage which will enhances a singing voice and dancing skills.
  • Increases eyesight and removes shyness.

So we have put together the ultimate Tequila crate so that you can take advantage of all those listed benefits.  With over 12 items, this crate is stocked!

  • Customize Your Crate

    Customize your crate by having your own custom text printed onto the crate

    Custom Text On Crate

    Add the text here that you would like to have printed onto the crate.
    Optional, additional cost of R85 for custom text onto the crate



1 x Tequila: – Choose between three different brands of premium Tequila. No half measure here, all three brands will be delivered in the big bottle – 750ml. Chose between Ponchos Premium Blanco Tequila, Jose Cuervo Gold and El Jimadore

4 x Tequila Shot Glasses: So that your friends can also feel the benefits.

1 x NACHOS!  Do we even need to explain this one?

1 x Chipolte Salsa: Not dancing, but authentic Mexican salsa in a 200ml tub.

1 x Skull 375ml decanter. Pour your Tequila from the skull of your enemies. OK so it’s only glass as it is probably illegal to use an actual skull.

2 x Skull shot glasses. Why not, we think they are cool.



1 x Zang Green Chocolate: ZANG! Espresso and Chocolate mixed together. Why didn’t we think of this? All served in a 34g bar of deliciousness. NOT for those with weak hearts, caffeine sensitivity or if you are pregnant.



Delivered in a hand crafted wooden crated that is that gift that keeps on giving. Unlike bows, ribbons, wrapping paper or those weird bags, your CrateworX crate can be repurposed. From toolboxes to veggie gardens, we would love to see what your crate gets up to once open.

Along with your crate, because we believe that receiving just 1 gift is not cool, we like to throw a few extra little surprises into each crate.

1 x Mini Crow bar. To break into your CrateworX crate and afterwards you have an awesome key ring.

1 x Wallet Ninja. No good Ninja worth his salt would ever go on a mission without his Wallet Ninja (Insert Ninja sound here)

1 x  ‘S’ bend Carabineer. You never know when you will need to scale up a mountain.


TEQUILA, How you doing!

Some interesting facts so that you can be just as clever as the bottle says you should be.

  1. Tequila is mezcal, but mezcal is not tequila:Mezcal is a liquor made from the maguey plant, a form of agave. Mezcal can be made using a variety of agave plants, but tequila must be made using only blue agave.
  1. Tequila must be produced in Mexico:Just like bubbly must come from the Champagne wine region of France in order to officially be called champagne, tequila must be produced in specific areas of Mexico. Any type of “tequila” made outside these regions is merely called an agave spirit.
  1. You can thank Bing Crosby for your tequila:Back in the early ‘50s, Bing Crosby became so infatuated with the Herradura brand of tequila that he teamed up fellow actor Phil Harris to import the brand into the United States. Their efforts made Herradura the first-ever 100% blue agave liquor available in the US.
  1. You can make synthetic diamonds with tequila: Physicists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico figured out a way to make faux diamonds using tequila. The crystals are too small to be made into jewelry, but they can be used in other industrial ways such as an alternative to silicon in computer chips.
  1. Tequila has health benefits:Studies have shown that a component in tequila helps break down dietary fat, which can lower the levels of bad cholesterol. A shot taken after dinner can aid your body’s digestion.
  1. People will pay a lot for good tequila: According to The Guinness Book of World Records, the most expensive bottle of tequila ever sold went to a private collector for $225,000. The bottle was made out of white gold and platinum, and contained six year-aged tequila worth $2,500.


CRATEWORX advocates that you use the contents of your Tequila Crate in a safe and responsible manner and is not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions30 × 23 × 18 cm

Ponchos Premium Blanco, Jose Cuervo Gold, EL Jimador


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